Outlook Project Management, Time Reporting and more

TrackerOffice offers organizations the opportunity to leverage one of the largest IT investments they have already made, their Microsoft Outlook messaging platform, to deliver solutions for Project Management, Time and Billing, Invoicing, Project Team Management, Purchasing, CRM and Business Intelligence.

Outlook Project Management Software

Our software solution for project management, integrates with email system Microsoft Outlook and can be surfaced inside the Outlook. What is TrackerOffice? It’s all of the below (click the links for more details):

Outlook Collaboration Software

• Outlook project management software helps managers and their teams to deliver projects on time and within budget right from Outlook, utilizing the email system already in place.

• Outlook Timesheets simplify project time reporting, improve the accuracy of project billing and streamline processing with automated approval routing.

• Outlook Invoicing streamlines the billing processes, facilitates revenue collection and improves customer relationships with prompt, accurate and detailed invoices.

• Transform your Microsoft Outlook / Exchange platform into a business intelligence engine by Trackeroffice’s Business Intelligence Reports.

Outlook Processes

• Task management process is simplified for your employees for them to avail of all the productivity benefits Tracker Office has to offer.

• Tracker software is able to significantly simplify the process of organization planning, by addressing its weak links. It also helps with cutting down costs and increasing efficiency.

• TrackerOffice makes the task of customer relations management a much simpler process.

• Project status emails simplify and automate the reporting process. They facilitate reporting for many of the tasks your business might be performing at the same time.

It provides functions and tools including:

• Project dashboards.

• Project Management.

• Task management.

• Status reporting.

• Document management.

• Resource allocation.

• Time reporting.

It builds on Outlook’s platform using its functionality for:

• Project request and approval workflow.

• Timesheet review and approval.

• Task assignments, schedule change notifications and status report reminders.

Our Outlook project management software also offers direct integration functions with Outlook, allowing users to drag-and-drop emails into outlook folders to create tasks and project documents.

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TrackerOffice is an Outlook based collaboration solution for project management and job costing.

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Managing projects in Outlook, as well as streamlining the processes of time and expense reporting, purchasing, invoicing and CRM, is possible with TrackerOffice.

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Outlook Collaboration

Automation Centre created Bizco, a fictitious company, to show how our Microsoft Outlook collaboration solution integrates into typical organizational processes.

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Project Management Software Project management software that helps managers and their teams manage and to deliver projects on time and within budget right from Outlook.
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